7 Easy Deep Wave Hairstyles to Copy Today

Deep waves are so in right now, and for good reason – they add texture and dimension to your hair, making your look appear more natural. Now that cool trend has trickled down to us wannabes, so you can too look like the effortlessly trendy girls. These easy deep-wave hairstyles will have you looking effortlessly chic in no time. After a few trims and a little bit of product, these simple steps will have you looking like a gorgeous version of yourself in no time. Read on to find out more about this great hair trend, along with some step-by-step tutorials that will have you looking like a pro in no time

What is a Deep Wave?

If you’ve spent any time looking at hairstyles on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly seen the deep wave hairstyle. Deep waves are a dramatic look that brings out your natural texture and voluminous hair. They are also a great choice for those with fine hair as they can create a more defined look. Deep waves are created by creating the base of your hair straight, then curling the hair up and back, towards the roots for extra volume. Then, you can choose to either blow-dry with a round brush or use a flatiron to curl the hair. Once your hair is curled, you can choose to either leave it curly or use a smoothing serum or cream. While there are many types of deep waves, the most popular and versatile one is a wavy look.

How to Create a Deep Wave Hairstyle

Creating a deep wave hairstyle isn’t too hard, but there are a few key things you’ll need to get it right. First up is your hair itself. Your hair needs to be healthy and full for this look to work. If it’s thin or damaged, it won’t have the texture your hair needs for deep waves. Next, you’ll need a good hair product to help the look last. Hair products like smoothing serums and dry shampoo are your best friends when creating this look. Next, you’ll need a styling product to hold your waves in place. There are lots of products out there that are designed to create and hold waves, or create a beachy texture. You can also use your favorite hair oil or serum to help with this. After styling, you’ll also want to finish off your look with a deep wave hairstyle.

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Easy Deep Wave Hair Tutorials

Here are some step-by-step tutorials to help you get your hands on these trendy deep waves. These deep-wave hairstyles are perfect for those who want to give this trend a go, but who aren’t sure where to begin. This first one is a side-swept hairstyle. It’s a simple look that will look great with almost any hair color. All you’ll need is your favorite straight hair product, hair spray, a hairbrush and a mirror. Start by washing and conditioning your hair, then using a brush, to smooth your hair out. Once your hair is smooth, use your favorite straightening product to style your hair. Next, use your straightening brush to create a side part, and hold it in place with some hair spray. Once your hair is smoothed and parted, grab your blow dryer and use it to dry your hair. Blow-drying your hair while it’s sleeked back will help your waves stay in place. Once you’ve finished drying, you can finish off your look with your favorite hair product.

Wrapped Up Hairstyle

Wraps are a popular addition to any hairstyle, and they’re great for adding texture and dimension to your look. For this easy deep-wave hairstyle, you’ll need a roll of hair elastics, hair spray, a hairbrush and a mirror. Start by spraying your hair with hairspray and brushing it out with your brush. Once the hair is brushed, wrap your hair around the brush, forming a bun. Once your bun is secured, use your hair elastics to gently pull your hair into a high bun, leaving the ends loose. Your bun must be shaped so that it sits away from your face, giving your waves plenty of room to breathe. Once you’ve finished your bun, grab your favorite deep wave hairstyle product to finish off your look.

Braid and Twist Updo

Braid and twist updos are a perfect way to add a sophisticated look to your hair. This look is great for those who aren’t confident with styling their hair, as it’s easier to just throw a braid in with a twist than it is to create an elaborate hairstyle from scratch. For this easy deep wave hairstyle, you’ll need a braid elastic, hair spray, a hairbrush, a mirror and a few hair elastics. Start by shaking out your hair so that it’s not too curly or too straight, and then apply some hair spray to the hair. Next, grab your braid elastic, wrap it around your wrist, and then take a section of hair and begin braiding it. Once the braid is around your wrist, use the braid to guide the rest of your hair into a low bun. Once the bun is secure around your head, grab your favorite deep-wave hairstyle product and style it to your liking.

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Dutch Bun

The Dutch bun is another versatile hairstyle that you can easily mix up to create different looks. For this easy hairstyle, make sure that your hair is healthy and free of product. Dutch buns require a lot of moisture, so avoid using harsh chemicals or products that can damage your hair.Use a hot styling tool to create waves or curls in your hair. A curling iron or wand are both great tools for this.Apply a light-hold styling product to your hair. This will help to keep your hair in place and prevent it from becoming

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